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Blair Hayes

Visual Storytelling

Known for his visually provocative style and great performances, Director/DP Blair Hayes’ clients include Pepsi, Federal Express, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Chevrolet, Mercedes, American Express, Gatorade, KFC, Sony, Nintendo, and Verizon. His awards include Clios, One Shows, Mobiuses, IBAs, and Addy’s and spots have appeared on Super Bowls, Grammys, and The Olympics.

Blair’s commercials caught the attention of Hollywood and in 2001 he directed Jake Gyllenhaal in the cult classic comedy, “Bubble Boy” for Touchstone/Disney. From there he went on to direct the pilot and several episodes of the series “Fearless” for Jerry Bruckheimer TV and the WB, and the Ben Afflect/Matt Damon produced ABC series, “Push, Nevada”. Blair has since directed nine movies and pilots – including one that he wrote in 2016, “Great Plains”, starring Tara Buck (“True Blood”) and Beth Grant “(No Country for Old Men”, “Rainman”, “Donnie Darko”).