Rich Michell

Food / Products / People

Director / DP Rich Michell brings an experienced, thoughtful approach to his projects. The work reflects his roots with degrees in sculpture and photography. He’s one of the handful of directors who is equally experienced in shooting food, product, and people. He strives for an elegance, regardless of subject, whether he’s working with children, tumbling fruit, or handling topics like aging. He’s worked with a myriad of national brands including: AT&T, Banquet Foods, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Bob Evans, Breathe Right, Chiquita Fruit, Con Agra, General Mills / Pillsbury, H&R Block, Hormel, Jennie O, Land O’Lakes, Miracle Ear, Northrup King, Philips, Rustoleum, Straitline Tools, 3M / Scotch, Subway, Target, United Healthcare, Washington Nationals, Weight Watchers, and Wendy’s.